What is the Global VR Hackathon?

The Global VR Hackathon is an initiative by various VR communities around the world to bring communities together, to foster collaborations and promote the industry. AsiaVR is the organizer for the Singapore region.

Team Size

3 to 5 participants per team

Those who enter alone can look for a team during the mixer session on Friday.

When is the Hackathon?

7th July - 9th July 2017

Note: Participants cannot stay overnight to work on their project.


VR sets and other equipment will be available on location for shared usage.

Note: Please bring your own laptop/PC.

Where is the Hackathon?

IMDA Pixel Labs @ National Design Centre

111 Middle Road, #03-04, National Design Centre, 188969

Entry Requirement

Registration will be on 7/7 Friday after team formation.

Priority to registration will be on based on Eventbrite signup and first-come-first-serve if there are remaining slots on 7/7 Friday.

Author: VRSGadmin



Convergence of technology is creating synergetic opportunities for cross-industry collaborations.

In this digital age, industry boundaries are being redefined and individual products are being shifted to cross-industry value experiences. Conventional value chains will be rendered obsolete but huge opportunities for growth are available for those who are willing to think differently and look beyond their own industry borders to identify new problems to solve, engage customers in creative ways and form unexpected partnerships.

With Virtual Reality as a new medium, how will this industry convergence continue to progress further?

In this VR hackathon, you will hack together a prototype or demo that uses interactive VR to converge 2 or more industries.

Judging will be based on functionality, convergence capability, fun factor and overall impressiveness.


Why Join?

Why Join?

At Global VR Hackathon – Singapore, we want developers, designers, artist, entrepreneurs to come together and have a fun 2 day coding party to make cool VR demos.

You will:

  1. Form diverse teams with new people you meet,
  2. Brainstorm unique ideas,
  3. Explore new tools, technologies and methodologies,
  4. Practice time management in getting a demo out in 2 days,
  5. Networking
  6. Win prizes and swag
  7. Have lots of fun!


Fri 7/7

1800: Networking, Team Formation and Registration
1900: Supporting Partners Presentation
1930: VR Hackathon Topic Presentation and Mentors Introduction
2000: Team Formation and Registration
2200: Adjourn

Sat 8/7

0800: Hackathon begins & Morning announcements
1300: Lunch
1900: Dinner
2200: Adjourn

Sun 9/7

0800: Hackathon resumes & Morning announcements
1200: Lunch
1600: Hacking Concludes / Team Presentations & Judging
1730: Winner announcements
1800: Doors Close